• Iliana Sanchez


Proper diet

Proper sleeping pattern

Personal hygiene

Absence of bad habits or addiction

Health education

Safe environment

Physical fitness

Love through social support and healthy relationships

Self-regulation of emotions

Active social life (This one can be online for the moment 😀)

Why am I posting this?

Well, it turns out someone told me that because she exercises and eats a vegan diet (she said It is the best diet!), she leads a healthy lifestyle! 🧐

Well, no so fast...

First, I did the experiment of being vegan for around 3 months and trust me some foods and recipes were full of calories. 😆 So, being vegan can also make you fat and we know that is not good for your health.

Second, there is no serious scientific research that says that vegan or keto, or paleo, or vegetarian are the best diets. What I know is that many pieces of research have mentioned that they find that the Mediterranean diet seems to be the one that has the best nutritional value and variety. Maybe this diet is not for you and that is not my point here. I'm not promoting any diet. What I'm saying is that there is no such thing as the best diet!

The best diet is the one that includes all the nutrients your body needs for its proper functioning, and that can certainly vary from one person to another.

I just want to finish this post, by saying that A HEALTHY LIFESTYLE IS NOT LIMITED TO EATING HEALTHY AND EXERCISING!

Wow, and this statement is coming from your fitness trainer 😉